Decentralized and secure technology

Why Mktcash?

Easy payment method

Use mch for anything you want, from micropayments to cashing products or services with the currency, at a minimum commission cost, quickly and securely.


Mktcash has peer-to-peer architecture, with Quark algorithm for information encryption, only you have control of your money, transactions are auditable on the blockchain.


Mktcash is open source and decentralized digital cash. With an advanced Pos protocol and Masternode, to provide users with an efficient and global system without the need for a central authority.


Its vision is to improve the mechanisms and ways of exchanging assets between users, with a focus on speed and digital media.

Cryptocurrencies in the world economy

With the rise of virtual currencies, the world economy begins to change as it is possible to send and receive money anywhere in the world, in a few seconds in a decentralized and secure way. Little by little it is making a place in society and in the world of technology, not only can be used as a form of payment, but also as an investment, cryptocurrencies are a very good option, they are already part of the future, enjoy with them all the advantages that you can get with their use.

How do you price an MCH?

The value of mch is not related to the behavior of a particular economy, it depends on supply and demand. Nobody controls them because they are issued directly from the blockchain , an approximate cost would be the resources needed to obtain the coins. To access them the options are to buy them, accept them as payment or create them. Then store them in wallets where only the owner has control over the funds.

Decentralized Cryptocurrency

Trust is no longer in the central banks, but in the mathematical rules that make the blockchain work correctly. Each user has the freedom to use it in a secure, fast and verifiable way without restrictions. Mktcash follows the trend of a decentralized economy.

Technical characteristics

  • Name Mktcash
  • Ticker MCH
  • Consensus POS + MN
  • Algorithm Quark
  • Masternode Guarantee 150000 MCH
  • Minimum for Stake 100000 MCH
  • Block reward 10 MCH
  • Reward Pos 40%
  • Masternode reward 60%
  • Halving 5 Halvings
  • Supply Max 500.000.000 MCH


Participate in the Pos consensus and receive rewards by simply saving coins and keeping your wallet online.


Participate in the Masternodos network and get rewards in mch for it, safely, without any coins leaving your wallet at any time.


Sustainable economy with a deflationary model and limited amount of mch currencies, and participatory governance.


The MCH wallet allows you to securely store and spend your MCH.

Blockchain MCH

The mch network allows you to make fast peer-to-peer transactions without the complications and delays that traditional banking systems often cause.

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