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Latest Update Version v1.5.0 Update
Wallet version v1.5.0.0-e46f93b - Protocol version 90170
Added checkpoints
Added seeds

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Deploy your masternodes more easily.

You can use a script, to install masternodes and collaborate to the network, getting daily rewards, available for Ubuntu distributions.

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Un masternode es un nodo de red de una criptomoneda que tiene una función más activa y sofisticada en la red. Un masternode ayuda a mantener la red, mejora su seguridad y permite realizar funciones avanzadas, como transacciones instantáneas y colaborar al sostenimiento a la red.

Se requiere una cantidad significativa de criptomoneda como garantía, y los operadores de masternodes reciben una recompensa en forma de criptomoneda por mantener la estabilidad de la red. La importancia del ROI (retorno de inversión) de cada masternode es que los operadores realizan una inversión significativa en la criptomoneda subyacente para ejecutar el nodo.

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Coin Converter

Compare the price of Mktcash with all global currencies. The MCH cryptocurrency converter is easy to use and exchange rates are updated frequently.



Coin requirements for Masternodo.

The Mktcash blockchain network requires a transaction of 150000 MCH coins to process the activation of a masternode. We recommend you to generate a new wallet inside the getnewaddress debugging console. Once the coins are sent to that wallet. Save the txid.

Masternode Hosts

You can use a hosting platform to activate a masternode: You can use Pecunia. You can use the Masternodes Biz service. You can use Ihostmn's service

Proof of stake requirement

Mktcash allows you to mine in POS mode with a minimum of 100,000 MCH coins, you only have to deposit the amount in your wallet and leave it open, if you do it within a linux node we recommend you export the private key..

Vps minimum requirements

Our recommendations for private nodes is 2CPU / 1GB ram / 25Gb HDD or SSD space, Happy Staking.

My wallet is not syncing, what do I do?

If your wallet Core does not connect, please go to Tools / Debug Console and enter the published nodes / Enter each line one by one.
addnode add
addnode add
addnode add
addnode add
addnode add

Do you need support?

You can request support & help on the official social networks, we have hired a company to take care of reviewing your problems and help you solve your doubts.

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